Thursday, March 10, 2011

Elsa Martinelli in 'Hatari!'

Stunning Elsa Martinelli on location for 'Hatari!'

Elsa Martinell, a baby elephant and John Wayne
'Hatari!' is fun for many reasons. The incredible supporting cast of elephants and big cats, the cinematography. Howard Hawks' directing, on safari. There's also Henry Mancini's instantly recognizable song 'Baby Elephant Walk', the free floating story-line, John Wayne. 

Another aspect of the film that had a great impact on me was the lovely Elsa Martinelli. I love her look in 'Hatari!' in the midst of those surroundings and the gorgeous wild beings. 

Unfortunately, the profession of the characters –– capturing those beautiful creatures to sell to zoos, and what-not –– is the ultimate deterrent in an otherwise satisfying movie-watching experience. 
Elsa with The Duke

More baby elephants with Elsa
Elsa in green pants relaxes with her costars
Elsa and another little friend
Elsa's friend, just as gorgeous as she
Pretty Elsa


  1. Hi there, love your selection of photos! Love Françoise Hardy´s yesterday´s modernity!! Nice blog, i d love to see your videos! how can I? I am still learning to navigate on all this! By the weay, i love your city where i spent once a wonderful spingtime! Windy and crazy... Viens voir mon blog, j´adore ce passé qui était tou Art sans le savoir, trop tard!!

  2. Thank you, Isbelle - j'aime ta blog aussi.

    And you can click on my videos to the side of this blog or go to YouTube and search by my username, klaratava.

    A beintot!