Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How Much I Adore Mary Tyler Moore

If you happen to be part of my niche audience, you might have expected that this blog post could "make it after all" since my adoration for Mary Tyler Moore is no secret. It's been evident here on Retro Active Critiques (see the side bar and various posts) along with elsewhere with my online presence (and videos), just as it has been in my personal life.
As a boundless Mary fan, I'm happy to see her acknowledged for her significant contributions to TV and films, once again, as she should be. I'm glad she was recently honored by The Screen Actors' Guild with a Lifetime Achievement Award, an award she chose to have presented to her by none other than her equally adorable TV husband from long ago, Dick Van Dyke. She's entertained us for decades and continues to enchant audiences with her positive energy and smile –– so the recognition is more than deserved.

Here's to MTM aka Mary Richards aka Laura Petrie.
I can never get through 'Ordinary People' without crying my eyes out, in large part because of Mary Tyler Moore's uncharacteristically cold performance. Her stoniness is so viable, it makes us feel even more sympathy for her family, as we should.
MTM is also one of the namesakes for my cat, Mary Jane Goodnight.
Mary Jane Goodnight
She's been a huge part of my life, especially during rougher times when I just needed to feel better and relax in the comfort of my 'Mary Tyler Moore Show' DVD set, some years before Hulu. I'd rest my woes against the pleasant, soft light and coziness of the 70's travails of Mary Richards and company. That show is my safe and gentle form of escapism.
And don't get me started on 'Thoroughly Modern Millie' and Change of Habit'.
I dressed up as Mary Richards for Halloween in 2008, wearing my own clothes. From my closet. Items I actually wear. Weird, perhaps –– but it made creating a last-minute costume amazingly simple to pull together!
Mary Richards. My Mary Tyler Moore Halloween costume in 2008.
I also pleaded with my husband for weeks (maybe it was months) to dress up as Rob and Laura Petrie for Halloween last year. Even though he finally refused, I almost convinced him. Which also says a lot for Mary Tyler Moore, Dick Van Dyke, and a TV show from five decades ago. They are without a question my favorite TV couple (one I can completely relate to, even today) and 'The Dick Van Dyke' show remains one of my personal favorite shows to watch, over and over again.
I could go on to make this a very lengthier, gushing blog post. I won't do that, because I simply wanted to share a little more love for Mary, even at a time when 'love is all around' her. Again, as it should be.

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