Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Missions of Mia

Long before celebrities were faces in mass circulation representing the adoptive parent, Mia Farrow adopted her children quietly. She has raised fifteen children altogether. Four of them she gave birth to, the other eleven she adopted. Her tendency towards nurturing was never a matter of developing a persona, growing up, or gaining notoriety. It was simply an inclination to provide safe haven for others. I can summarize Mia Farrow's willingness to give of herself in a simplistic way: people didn't read about her children on a daily basis in magazines, or even know about them, several of whom had or have had disabilities. I'm sad to say that one of her children has even passed on. The fathers (to some) of her children are Andre Previn and Woody Allen. Six of them were adopted by Mia alone. 

I read Mia Farrow's lovely memoir, 'What Falls Away' many years ago. In it, she communicates her life story in a way that's emblematic of her pure and transcendent spirit. I highly recommend it.

Mia Farrow, the UNICEF goodwill ambassador, the mother and the actress, has also lived her life as a 20th/21st century Siddharta of sorts. She's been a child of Hollywood –– her mother and father, both, had been successful in the business –– then she became the young ingenue, out of necessity. She was the responsible bread winner of her family when her father passed on. She had religious inclinations growing up, as well as a clear sense of duty to others. She's always been one to give of herself to those in need. 

Back in the earlier days of her decades-long acting career, she befriended Dali, married Sinatra and was a muse and partner to Woody Allen. But all the while she was quietly protecting her growing family at home –– and her family out in the world. Because aside from all the glamour, adventures and any accolades she received for her work... the movie business simply provided her with the means to offer her compassionate spirit to those in need. Her ability to care has always been astounding and entirely authentic.

Mia Farrow's 21-day (or as long as her health allows) hunger strike for Darfur is now in effect. This is yet another instance where she is being her kind and sacrificial self for the sake of those who are suffering. She has also lived for weeks on end in villages in places like Darfur among the very people she aims to help throughout her years working for UNICEF. I applaud her for being aware of the potential impact this hunger strike could have, and I hope she remains relevant enough for others to take notice. I applaud her for carrying on in the ways of other peaceful advocates. Mia Farrow is the genuine and absolute real deal on that front, and has been for her entire life.

Update: May 8, 2009 - After 12 days, Mia Farrow had to end her fast due to health concerns. But she has since passed the duty to Sir Richard Branson, who has said he is 'honored' to carry on the fast. His planned duration will be for three days. Kudos to them, and perhaps the relay tactic will eventually work for the cause.


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