Monday, January 24, 2011

Images of (Fashion) Heaven - Video

Although I've created - and uploaded - quite a lot of videos on my YouTube channel, Vimeo channel and elsewhere by now, somehow I had neglected to post this one on my blog. But it's definitely fitting that I do. Here is what I had originally posted as a description for it: "Merged two things I love - slow motion 60's fashion films (read: 60's-70's fashion, in general) and one of my favorite tunes, Peter Godwin's 'Images of Heaven'. Also feels like an ode to my time at Videofashion."

And this is what Mr. Godwin himself had to say about it, among other kind words:"Thanks for this Klara, I like it.. Strangely appropriate... :) It is a very cool exploration of the themes - and I love that it's also a celebration of your own passion for retro fashion, especially the timeless "futurism" of the 60's and 70's. :) Thanks again for creating this - and for turning on so many people to the song... Peter."

I can never get over what an amazingly ethereal (and surprisingly little known) synth-pop masterpiece this song is. And I couldn't ask for a better endorsement for the heavenly images I associated with it than from the artist behind this incredible song himself.

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  1. Thanks for posting this:-)

    Peter is back with a new band and new sound so do check him out at tracks to watch out for are Namaste, Skin, Angels Dancing, Chocolate and Sunset Rise....

    In the meantime, we're also on facebook:

    again...thank you:-)

    skyray is love,