Friday, February 25, 2011

80's Obscure | 'Love's Got A Line On You' (Scandal/Patty Smyth)

I've had a little thing for this video since coming across it on YouTube. I love the low-fi quality, the peppy song –– and most of all, I love Patty Smyth's pink, purple and white striped jumpsuit, in which she gets all jumpy. It's an energized combo that instantly puts me in a springtime mood. 

This was a demo to show record labels and there is a more official video for this song, as well - but I quite enjoy this simple version. They seem to be genuine, just having fun. You will also notice that Jon Bon Jovi makes an appearance here on guitar, despite not having been a member of the band. He sort of jumped into it to help out and it's all very charming in a makeshift way.

Speaking of 'Jump', Smyth was a contender back in the day to follow David Lee Roth's footsteps as the front woman of Van Halen after his departure. It's really no wonder she later became Mrs. John McEnroe - someone had to be able to keep up with his abundance of energy and who better for that than Patty, as you can see here.
I watched a lot of videos growing up. I definitely wanted my MTV whenever I could find me some, since we didn't have it at home. I've always especially loved the classic videos of the early 80's, when MTV was new, fresh & exciting. So it's especially fun to find obscure videos I haven't seen before via YouTube. 

And here is the official video for the song (which I had also not see before YouTube.)


  1. I had no idea about the demo video with Jon Bon Jovi in it....excellent article....

    1. Thank you! Glad you found it, the piece itself has become obscured :) All the best!