Friday, December 16, 2011

Beyond the Silver: Eternal Bond of the Le Bons

I like posting about dynamic, lifelong couples on this blog (my post with the most amount of traffic happens to be one) and I find Yasmin and Simon Le Bon to be one of the most endearing. Here we have the quintessential rock star/supermodel pairing working in a way that's eternal. These two are so far from typical. Many other famously glamorous couples have tried, and few have outlasted these two. (Of course there are other exceptions like Keith Richards and Patti Hansen, who deserve their own post.) And 2011 marked Simon and Yasmin Le Bon's SILVER anniversary, believe it or not. :)  

For 25 years, this British couple has been going strong. Their 26th anniversary is coming up on December 27th. So here's to another happy holiday anniversary. 
Yasmin Le Bon was also emblematic in showing the world that a great model can continue to work (and be in high-demand) well after what could have been considered her prime. 

Simon Le Bon, too, deserves praise for his knack at commitment. When asked what keeps their marriage so strong, Simon Le Bon said:  "I wake up in the morning and for ten minutes or so I just get to look at her sleeping peacefully. That's kind of all you need to know about me... I guess I'm very lucky that I picked somebody really bloody good in the first place! She's great fun, fantastic, beautiful and we laugh all the time. It's not always easy at all. But I really want to stay married for life."  

Their love is very real and that's what resonates.
Aside from his long-term ties to his marriage and family, Simon Le Bon has also proven similarly committed to his career as front-man of Duran Duran, a relationship that was depicted so well in their recent video for the song "Girl Panic". The song and video are classic Duran Duran. (I find it especially adorable when YLB, as "The Guitarist", says in her most haughty tone: "I'm not a member of Duran Duran.") And with that, let's celebrate the holidays with a toast to the eternal bond of the Le Bons.

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