Thursday, February 14, 2013

Partnerlook: Couples Who Dress Alike

English speakers are often impressed/amused/overwhelmed by how the German language may offer one long-ish word (or awkward word combo) to represent what's described with a phrase in English. One such amusement can come from a German term for couples (or any two individuals) who dress alike. That word-combo is 'partnerlook'. 
Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg in matching corduroy suits
The word is silly, but it works. The idea of partnerlook can never seem entirely romantic. It can even be creepy to spot a couple dressed alike. But the term typically describes couples who wear matching rain gear. Or as a German native described it: 'Boring jackets.' 
But on the right couple, partnerlook can be adorable. Even tasteful. Partnerlook can mean the couple feels like a union of equals, that they don't necessarily have traditional roles –– or that they simply like each other so much they want to dress alike. Whatever lies behind partnerlook-ing (if it can be used as a verb), I thought it would be fun to share some great examples of 'partnerlook' for Valentine's Day. 

Behold: the partnerlook.
Sonny and Cher partnerlook-ing
Jean Shrimpton and Terence Stamp
Matching sweaters
The Shrimp and The Stamp in sweaters
Dick is not ashamed of his partnerlook
with Paula. Why should he be?

David Bowie and Angie took parterlook-ing so far 
they came out the other side
The full-on partnerlook
They've perfected their partnerlook
One couple truly mastered the partnerlook: Paul and Linda McCartney. Often times with the same hairdo, which is a far more committed and powerful statement than wearing similar threads. P and L understood PL like nobody's business. Happy Valentine's Day :-)
Orange overalls and tees
Floppy hats
Matching mullets, expressions, coats
There can be exuberance in partnerlooking
Sweaters: entire families can participate in partnerlook
Very clean, streamlined togetherness
Two mullets and a baby
Stage mullets
His and hers
The yellow and the pose makes for the best wedding photo ever.

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