Monday, June 10, 2013

Classic Endorsement: Jean Shrimpton in 1967 for Lambretta Scooters

Lambretta Scooter 1967 and Jean Shrimpton

(Originally published for Vintage Fashion at The Examiner.)

The Italian line of motor scooter Lambretta, by Innocenti, was a popular alternative to the Vespa (also Italian) in the 1950's and 1960's. The idea and principles guiding what the Lambretta would become were conceived in the Pre-WWII era.
Lambretta 1967 Calendar
The scooter was designed by Corradino D'Ascanio, who was hired by Innocenti to create a motorbike that could appeal to both men and women. D'Ascanio's result was a vehicle with a 'pass-through leg area design' to allow women wearing dresses or skirts to ride.
Lambretta 1967 Calendar
By 1967, Lambretta hired Jean Shrimpton to pose for their calendar to memorable effect. Jean Shrimpton was known for her beautifully balanced features, her great poise and for being the premiere representative of Swinging London and mod fashion.
Lambretta 1967 Calendar
Jean Shrimpton was the right model to endorse the Lambretta as a sleek vehicle of choice for the globally predominant youth and mod culture of 1967. Shrimpton's stature in the fashion world would also draw attention to the elegance and design of the Lambretta.
Lambretta 1967 Calendar
The Shrimp was styled in miniskirts and colorful ensembles for the Lambretta calendar. She posed next to each scooter as if she and the scooter were modeling together; again, this would draw attention to the beauty of the Lambretta. Shrimpton's look and her relaxed poses were also in synch with the elements of fun, freedom and functionality inherent in the use of a motor scooter as one's mode of transport.  
Lambretta 1967 Calendar
Despite countless fashion shoots and magazine covers, images of Jean Shrimpton posing with scooters for the Lambretta calendar in 1967 remain some of her most iconic.
Lambretta 1967 Calendar


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