Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cats In Films (Year Of the Cat) -- VIDEO

I'm someone who is generally considered a 'cat person'. I would take it farther, however, in that I respect all species equally; I am entirely against speciesism. But yes, I am a cat person.
After seeing 'Inside Llewyn Davis' last month, and falling deeply for Ulysses the cat who I consider the hero of that Coen brothers film, I had an inkling to piece together a (hopefully) beautiful and especially respectful tribute to cats who've appeared in films. I immediately knew I'd want to use Al Stewart's song 'The Year Of The Cat'. As a music-and-film-driven videographer who loves cats, and also loves that particular song, this was all an inevitability.
After gathering all the media I could find, I created the video over the course of a few days. I wasn't entirely satisfied when it was completed last Sunday. But I waited, then shared the video on my social media channels on Monday. This video meant a great deal to me, so I asked and practically pleaded (for the first time, ever) for friends to watch and share. A few did and I was appreciative for their support of my efforts (as this sort of 'super-cut' video does take some effort!)
By Tuesday afternoon, I noticed the views were creeping up slightly. And faster. I found out Tuesday night that the video had been posted on Neatorama, which was a wonderful surprise. By Wednesday, in the early afternoon, I discovered that had picked it up as well (via Neatorama.) An even bigger surprise. I'm happy the video has gotten some traction since it was meant to be seen and enjoyed by other like-minded cat lovers. I hope it might even instill a sense of respect for all species, somehow.
Here is my celebratory tribute to cats in films –– 'Cats In Films (Year Of The Cat)'.

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