Friday, March 4, 2011

80's Obscure - 'I Can't Hold Back' Video (Survivor) Rips Off 'American Gigolo' & 'Risky Business'

She likes bad boys... Was she inspired by Lauren Hutton 
in 'American Gigolo' to stalk him in the record store? 
Citrus-colored sweater and all. 
Lauren Hutton followed hers (Richard Gere) 
into a record store, wearing a canary yellow 
cable knit crew neck sweater.
Back to this one. Sure, he says, I may be interested. 
Depends which record you're holding.
Don't worry, it's an Elvis-themed magazine.
That hot blonde is digging our front man! 
We have to stop this.
She's really about the movies, this one. 
Now working the 'Risky Business' tactic in the subway.
(Her subway inspiration, 'Risky Business'.)
But... it was just a fantasy, after all! And he misses 
that train. Lesson: be quick if a beautiful blonde 
tries to pick you up in a record store.

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  1. Enjoyed your take on this. The tune has always been my guilty pleasure. Simple, straight ahead, hits the marks. The video is just fills it out with a little story. What's not to like?