Thursday, March 17, 2011

Retro-Themed Videos: Klara's Tops - Video Playlist

Since most videos I've made tend to be retro in theme, I'm including them here on my blog. Below, you'll find a playlist of my most viewed and most beloved ones - and feel free to check out my YouTube channel. The playlist will also be located at the upper right of this blog from now on. The videos I make are often for songs that are dear to me that don't have an official 'video' (like this one that is only found on Vimeo) or a film I love that doesn't have an official trailer

Hope you enjoy them, as so many of my YouTube viewers have - I've received such lovely and enthusiastic responses from complete strangers who stumble upon them (even by the musicians or songwriters themselves) and I occasionally find myself feeling inclined to get the word out a little. I certainly enjoy making people smile and it's nice to know that these have done just that.

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