Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Lovers (1982)

Chances are you haven't seen the film 'Summer Lovers'––but it's more than likely you'd enjoy aspects of it, if you did. This is a surprisingly good movie with fine elements. The best part of watching the film is you'll feel like you've taken a mini-vacation to Greece. The cinematography is unexpectedly lush, the setting is gorgeous––and the actors are as easy on the eyes as the location.
The sight of Daryl Hannah and Peter Gallagher, looking young and in love, looks eerily reminiscent of Hannah's real-life romance with John F. Kennedy, Jr. in the 80's. I found myself particularly partial to Daryl Hannah's sporty, preppy casual vacation wardrobe.

The story involves a ménage à trois between the couple and a lovely French woman (Valerie Quennessen) who is an archeologist staying nearby the vacationing couple. Well, it isn't exactly a ménage à trois––it's more like Peter Gallagher with two ladies. I suppose it's a male fantasy. The women are not as involved with each other as they are with him. The threesome becomes a type of family unit as they spend more and more time together.
'Summer Lovers' is a harmless movie, and in many ways it's very enjoyable. I live in San Francisco, so I enjoy watching films that provide a warm, vacation-like atmosphere. The typically cold and foggy climate here can leave much to be desired in the summer.
One dubious element that pops up is when Daryl Hannah's character's mother turns up, out of nowhere (with her best friend in tow) to 'surprise' her daughter and boyfriend during their vacation. The only purpose for that to happen within the story is to have someone outside of the three principal characters' experience show their react to it. A mild reaction, nonetheless –– so it's altogether a fairly useless plot point.
One amusing element is the ending. I did not expect to see a 'sad' montage to Chicago's 'Hard To Say I'm Sorry' suddenly rear its head; there is no prior indication that it could happen based on the music that precedes it. The couple has lost their girlfriend, who has decided to stay away because it's too difficult to say goodbye to them. But then it becomes a happy ending, as the threesome stays on –– together in Greece. Hurray! It all makes for light and pleasant entertainment from the summer of 1982. A perfect getaway.
Enjoy the trailer!

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