Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Surprising Video Element –– Belinda Carlisle's 'Mad About You' (1986)

Belinda Carlisle's song 'Mad About You' is an 80's summer classic, and I discovered recently that the video for the hit song has a certain life of its own that lends well to the song's ultra romantic feel.
It's been well-documented in interviews, and in her memoir 'Lips Unsealed', that Belinda Carlisle has had her share of obsessive-compulsive addictions –– from drugs, to food, and any other number of dangerous leanings. Back when she led the Go-Go's to super stardom, the press was terribly unkind to the lovely Belinda about her weight. Although she is a phenomenally gorgeous woman, no matter what, she understandably felt disenchanted by the Hollywood image roller-coaster into which she was firmly planted. 
Carlisle has stated in interviews that when she made the video for 'Mad About You', she celebrated a newly slim, mature appearance. She's explained that she had never felt so beautiful before. This was right after she had kicked her massive addiction to cocaine for the first time. But the most interesting (and romantic) thing about the video is that it features her husband, Morgan Mason, son of the great actor James Mason. Carlisle and Mason were newly married and she attributes her desire to clean up her act to his love and support.
So when you see this video within that context and frame of reference, it takes on a whole new meaning. She says, 'I'm mad about you, you're mad about me, babe...' and it is clear how much they are in love. 
There is a sense of newfound freedom in it, evidence that he loves her unconditionally, whatever her weaknesses or frailties and that together they've created a solid foundation for their future. It is also charming that they seemed to have been such very different personalities –– he being the more subdued and quiet of the two, Belinda Carlisle clearly the wild-child rock star learning to grow up.
And they are still married, incidentally. It's always fun to discover a romantic story like that. See the video for yourself, below.


  1. agreed. it's such a beautiful song and video together. it captures 80s pop at it's best.

  2. Yes, it does capture a specific time in the 80's... and creates a very distinctive mood, immediately. It's a good one :)

  3. She is so beautiful in this video it hurts. Fantastic song, just listening to it gives me a rush in my chest. Then the shots in the car after the guitar solo, bang, its over. What a stone cold fox! I'm all yours B.C.