Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy Birthday: The King & The (Thin White) Duke

January 8th gave us two of the greatest. These two formidable Capricorns, always up for a good challenge, reached the highest levels of success at everything they set out to do. Not surprisingly, there are parallels in their journeys. 
Still moving us from the great beyond
Both powerful solo artists made certain to exceed anyone's expectations on stage. Both handsome, talented men made smooth transitions into films. Neither would thwart controversy, opting to court criticism in favor of being interesting. Both continue to enjoy equally passionate fandom, from either gender, which can be rare. Men and women unconditionally admire, emulate, respect and adore both Elvis Aaron Presley and David (Jones) Bowie. 
David Bowie in Nicolas Roeg's 'The Man Who Fell To Earth'
The King still manages to rule us from beyond. We're lucky to have the otherworldly Duke in our midst. 

Happy  birthday to The King, who continues his reign. And to The Thin White Duke, who fell to Earth–––and here remains.

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